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I love to read. Ann Rice happens to be one of my favorite authors. I was reading and interview with her about her new book. I cannot wait to read it, but haven’t had time to go get a copy yet. I could probably just download it off of Amazon for my Kindle but I […]

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Reading anything good lately

Have been reading several great books lately my favorite at the moment is written by an unknown writer but covers the topics of web design well. Have been looking aorund online for other places to get books found several places online to shop from Amazon to Barnes and Nobles web site. BUt I always love […]

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I am now a blogger

Welcome to my new place I am Kim Katrell I will be your writer for the duration of this website and hopefully you the commenter will be polite honest and open minded as you read some of my thoughts frustrations and rants about life and the love it it to every day things all wrapped […]

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