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Breaking Out The Old Spiderman Jigsaw Puzzle

Had to spend an hour with a 6 year old so I brought out a small jigsaw puzzle of Spiderman and dumped the pieces out on the dining room table. There used to be years of my childhood with a puzzle on the dining room table for days at a time as the family took […]

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So much paperwork

I absolutely hate fucking paperwork. This week there is going to be tons of paperwork to get done because of this project I have been working on. We have finally wrapped up almost everything, but a lot of files that need to be updated. I do not know why my boss insists on backing up […]

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Mobile snaps reveal invisible art via BBC

Mobile snaps reveal invisible art  “Scottish researchers are turning camera phones to help bridge the virtual world and the real world.Using image-matching algorithms the researchers have found a way to adorn the real world with digital content. The technology has already been used to create a guide of Edinburgh that allows people to find virtual […]

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World in Conflict July Beta

World in Conflict Beta Just got off the website World In Conflict and it says that you can download a Beta version of the game and if you pre order the game then yo ucan also play other maps on the Beta version others can not. I have decided to give it a try and […]

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Working Hard

Been hard at work making some new web sites for clients that are interested in selling adult women products online. have been tinkering with several ideas on how to put it together. Hey if Walmart can sell adult sex toys then I can make web sitess that sell them to. Which makes this point why […]

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