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Reading anything good lately

Have been reading several great books lately my favorite at the moment is written by an unknown writer but covers the topics of web design well. Have been looking aorund online for other places to get books found several places online to shop from Amazon to Barnes and Nobles web site. BUt I always love […]

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Sex toys for your Ipod?

Sex toys for your Ipod ? Well it seems there is some truth to this rumor and probably alot of college dorms around the nation will have some unique devices hidden in all the dresser draws of everyone who has an Ipod. One toy is the OhMyBod and theother is called the Ibuzz both use the […]

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Have decided to join a few friends in developing some websites for adults only that use open source software like wordpress and drupal for the aging internet generation out there to have a place on the web to talk about mature content that only adults would understand. And the users not having to worry about […]

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Browser Updates for October 2006

Browser updates for Oct 2006  “Microsoft’s IE7 is out, Firefox 2 is on the horizon… and is there still room for Opera?” Ofcourse and I see more browsers coming and we will have a 3.0 run offwith everyone above and atleast one more if not two.

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I, Nanobot — Bionanotechnology is Coming

I, Nanobot — Bionanotechnology is Coming “Alan H. Goldstein, inventor of the A-PRIZE, and popular science columnist, says: Scientists are on the verge of breaking the carbon barrier — creating artificial life and changing forever what it means to be human. And we’re not ready… Nanofabricated animats may be infinitesimally tiny, but their electrons will […]

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