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I hope that everyone had a great fourth of July and celebrated with loving family and friends. I had a great time mysself but do not want to go into to much detail about my happy day but rather why it means so much to me. The fact that some men a.k.a our for fathers […]

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Love free gifts

One thing I like about things online is that alot of places offer free gifts if you purchase a certain set amount, and when you were going to spend that amount anyways then getting a extra freebie makes the shopping experience even more pleasurable. Make me wish everyone online gave away free stuff when you […]

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Looking around the web

Was surfing the web the other day and sifting thru my comments emails and old instant messages and I found that alot of interesting things are being put up on the web these days, it seems 3D virtual worlds are big and second life is leading the way, they even have their own currency. I […]

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My new WordPress look

Decided when I updated my WordPress blog to this new 2.1.2 release I would change my wordpress theme template to. I choose this one becasue of the look and because it is widget ready. Which means in the coming weeks I will be adding many widgets to my blog. I heard from a friend about […]

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Working Hard

Been hard at work making some new web sites for clients that are interested in selling adult women products online. have been tinkering with several ideas on how to put it together. Hey if Walmart can sell adult sex toys then I can make web sitess that sell them to. Which makes this point why […]

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