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Reading anything good lately

Have been reading several great books lately my favorite at the moment is written by an unknown writer but covers the topics of web design well. Have been looking aorund online for other places to get books found several places online to shop from Amazon to Barnes and Nobles web site. BUt I always love […]

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Nintendo Wii

Have had some of the best time of my life playing the Nintendo Wii with the new controllers they feature. Me and my friends have been playing tennis almost every day.Had one of the straps break on us and knock out a lamp but got some new ones and they work alot better then the […]

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Live sex chat night

Had a fun time this week over at a friends checking out some live sex chat web sites. When we first got online and surfing thru dozens of other adult sex chat web sites. The first thing that struck me was just how many people where out there on these sex chat web sites making money from sitting […]

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Adult dating made simple

Was looking around online for a date but gave up then I decided to let Google do my dating for me so I went to Googles search page and typed in key word ” adult dating ” then hit the I am feeling lucky button instead of the regular search and blam up came this […]

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Sex toys for your Ipod?

Sex toys for your Ipod ? Well it seems there is some truth to this rumor and probably alot of college dorms around the nation will have some unique devices hidden in all the dresser draws of everyone who has an Ipod. One toy is the OhMyBod and theother is called the Ibuzz both use the […]

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