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Lunch Date

If I am seriously interested in a guy, I like to meet them for lunch instead of a dinner date. Lunch is a better snapshot of what a guy is like. How does he dress for work? Is he on time? What does he order? And in broad daylight around a lot of people in […]

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9 Dragons

I am so addicted to this online game. It is better than World Of Warcraft by far, and the people I have met playing it are amazing. I have met people from all over the world playing this game. I now have friends in Australia, Vietnam, Japan, Hungary, Russia, the UK, South American and Central […]

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Girls need love too – or maybe there will be a robot for that soon

I know a lot of girlfriends who enjoy the freedom to play the field, but I have noticed that most of them still want someone to be there when they go to bed at night. You’d be surprised (at least I was) that even some of the most promiscuous girls I know still long for […]

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Working Hard

Been hard at work making some new web sites for clients that are interested in selling adult women products online. have been tinkering with several ideas on how to put it together. Hey if Walmart can sell adult sex toys then I can make web sitess that sell them to. Which makes this point why […]

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Adult dating made simple

Was looking around online for a date but gave up then I decided to let Google do my dating for me so I went to Googles search page and typed in key word ” adult dating ” then hit the I am feeling lucky button instead of the regular search and blam up came this […]

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