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Lunch Date

If I am seriously interested in a guy, I like to meet them for lunch instead of a dinner date. Lunch is a better snapshot of what a guy is like. How does he dress for work? Is he on time? What does he order? And in broad daylight around a lot of people in a hurry to eat and get back to work, you get a better idea of his real character and personality.

If the lunch date goes well I might be willing to meet him for dinner. But I might want a second lunch. Part of it depends on whether he works near me so getting back and forth in just an hour is not a problem or logistics issue. My favorite lunch spot has outdoor seating, and I wonder if my date has ever eaten there before of if the restaurant is new to him. That is telling, too.

Hunting In Africa

I recently read an article where they were blasting the Trump sons for their African hunt. Killing animals like an elephant as well as some others that are not the normal prey. I had to write a blast to all of the people who were commenting on this article myself. Talk about a lot of fucktards. This is what I wrote.

There are certain animals I have never been in favor of hunting even though I do believe hunting is okay if done responsibly and you eat what you kill. As they hunted and killed way too much meat for themselves, donating it to the villages in Africa who are notoriously under fed, is the responsible thing to do. Just because it is not your particular cup of tea, doesn’t mean no on should be allowed to do it. Most people are upset because of the picture of the elephant. Well as of 2004 the elephant population had grown too large and they have been using Contraceptives to lower the population.

Here is a link from Science in Africa online http://www.scienceinafrica.co.za/2004/september/elephant.htm

This tells you about what they have been doing to lower the elephant populations. They are no longer considered ENDANGERED, and haven’t been for quite some time. Please do a little research before you go spouting nonsense.

This article from 2010 also explains the same exact thing. http://myfundi.co.za/e/Elephant_overpopulation

Here in the United States we have hunts for Alligator, Mountain Lions, Wild Boars and other such animals because of over population of the species. This helps not only the people who live in those areas to be safer, but for those animals to have more territory to hunt for themselves so they do not starve or kill off other species that are their natural prey. Wild life conservation is a delicate balance that does in fact include keeping the populations of these animals at a manageable level. I suggest educating yourselves first. Posting comments second…Have a great day !

I think I got my point across.

Going to the beach

I am so going to the fucking beach. The weather is amazing and I miss the waves and the surf so badly. I am going to go rollerblading for a couple of hours and work up a really good appetite, then I will have lunch at my favorite restaurant on the beach. O’Mally’s has the best Blackened Dolphin Sandwich in ever. I always order that and an some steamers.  I can sit on the deck outside and watch the surf as it hits the beach and feel the lovely breeze as I eat. Shit I have missed the beach so much.

It seems like a million years since I have been down there. I will take a rest in the shade after lunch, before I blade some more. Perhaps a small nap would be nice. There are plenty of shady spots where I go to take a nap without worrying about sunburn. It is one of my favorite parts about the beach where I go. I usually get together a bunch of friends for this, but I feel like a little time alone communing with nature. I will swim if the water is not too cold, but this time of year it usually is unfortunately. I hope not though.


Well shit. My friend Shelly’s  mom was supposed to take Shelly’s kids for spring break. She was supposed to pick them up on Sunday, but had to reschedule that to Monday and then to today. She still has not bothered to show up and Shelly is really pissed off. It wouldn’t be so bad if her kids didn’t already know about it, but now they are upset because they want to spend time with grandma. I don’t blame Shelly her resentment because she was really looking forward to some free time for just her. As a matter of fact, she and I were supposed to go out together and have a girls night, but now that isn’t happening.

I wish there was something I could do for her, but unfortunately  I do not know anyone who baby sits, and Shelly is picky about who watches her children. I don’t blame her for that, because there are a lot of fucking freaks in the world. I guess I will just go eat dinner by myself and then come home and watch a movie. I can make it an early night instead and be fresh for work bright and early tomorrow. Have a good night everybody.

Over stepping his bounds

Obama is seriously over stepping his bounds, by objecting to voter ID laws in Texas. Those laws are to make sure that there is no fraud perpetuated by any person who does not have a legal right to vote and to protect those of us who do. My state has the same law. I have to show a picture ID to vote along with my voters registration card. That is how it should be. I am really tired of this administration fucking with states rights to make laws governing their people. We are our own sovereign states. The federal government is not supposed to interfere in such things.

I can only hope when it comes time to vote that people actually get out there and do it. This is not joke people. We are not being represented as we need to be or as we want to be. No one I know is happy with this administration, not even the people I know who voted for Obama. WTF is the problem already? Watch, listen, and learn from our mistakes. Do not believe every word that comes out of the mouths of these politicians. I truly am disgusted by the  way thing are going.

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