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Over stepping his bounds

Obama is seriously over stepping his bounds, by objecting to voter ID laws in Texas. Those laws are to make sure that there is no fraud perpetuated by any person who does not have a legal right to vote and to protect those of us who do. My state has the same law. I have to show a picture ID to vote along with my voters registration card. That is how it should be. I am really tired of this administration fucking with states rights to make laws governing their people. We are our own sovereign states. The federal government is not supposed to interfere in such things.

I can only hope when it comes time to vote that people actually get out there and do it. This is not joke people. We are not being represented as we need to be or as we want to be. No one I know is happy with this administration, not even the people I know who voted for Obama. WTF is the problem already? Watch, listen, and learn from our mistakes. Do not believe every word that comes out of the mouths of these politicians. I truly am disgusted by the  way thing are going.

A little relaxation

After the last few weeks of work, I need a little R & R, and I intend to get it. One way or another I am going out on the town. If my boyfriend doesn’t want to go, then I will get my girls to go with me and piss on him if he doesn’t like it. I am just kidding though. He never cares if the girls and I go out when he doesn’t feel like it. I think he is happier when they go instead. Probably because he doesn’t dance all that well, or doesn’t really like to is what I should have said.

Don’t get me wrong, my man will go dance with me most of the time, but I do give him a break from time to time. I think I want to go to Urban Cowboys and do a little line dancing. It is a lot of fun and really easy to learn if you don’t know how. There is also the fact that all those cowboys look real fucking good in them tight jeans as well. You can’t beat that with a stick. They even have a mechanical bull to ride., but I don’t try that too often.

So much paperwork

I absolutely hate fucking paperwork. This week there is going to be tons of paperwork to get done because of this project I have been working on. We have finally wrapped up almost everything, but a lot of files that need to be updated. I do not know why my boss insists on backing up our computer files with hard copy but it is as annoying as fuck. This job has been a grueling one for weeks now and to top it off we have to add extra work that is really superfluous. I understand wanting to back up files, but it would be easier to back them up on disk.

I like my boss a lot, but he is old fashioned. I am surprised he even has computers, that is how old fashioned he is. Even more was my surprise that he hired me, a woman, to work for him in a male dominated field. You just never can tell about some people though, can you? We did do a great job on this project and he let all of us know how happy he is with our work on it. He even gave us all a bonus, as this was probably the largest account we have ever done.


I love to read. Ann Rice happens to be one of my favorite authors. I was reading and interview with her about her new book. I cannot wait to read it, but haven’t had time to go get a copy yet. I could probably just download it off of Amazon for my Kindle but I want it in hard copy. One day I would like to go to one of her book signings and have her sign my favorite books. The first one I would have her sign would be Memnoch the Devil. It is one of the Vampire Chronicles and the best one as far as I am concerned.

I also would have to get her to sign one of the Witches of Mayfair books as they were amazing too. I really loved her Sleeping Beauty series as well. They were oh so naughty, but very very well put together. Those would definitely require her siggy too. I hope The Wolf Gift is as amazing as all of the rest of her books, although I am sure it will be. I have yet to read even one of her books that I didn’t like. Well I need a book break. Later peoples.

9 Dragons

I am so addicted to this online game. It is better than World Of Warcraft by far, and the people I have met playing it are amazing. I have met people from all over the world playing this game. I now have friends in Australia, Vietnam, Japan, Hungary, Russia, the UK, South American and Central America, not to mention all of the people I have met who are from right here in the good ole US of A. It is amazing how the internet works and brings people together from all over.

I have three characters in the game. Two are Sacred Flower Clan, which is all female characters.  One of them is a Healer and the other is a Warrior. I also have a Heavenly Demon Nuker, who is also a female char. I made my own band with me Sacred Flower warrior a long time ago and it is called Wild_Orchid band. We can join with other bands to form a league if we want but I am not sure I want to just yet. I have been there and done that before. I kind of like being Band/League Master, but it is a lot of responsibility that takes a lot of time as well.

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